Monday, 7 November 2016

Get Talking - Seasons

Seasons come and seasons go ...

What's your favourite season and why?

I love Spring.
It has the promise of many things new; roses are blooming, forget-me-nots come out, daffodils bob their heads.
Spring brings hope.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Get Talking - Autobiography

Have you ever thought about writing your autobiography?
Our question for this week asks ...

If you were writing a book about your life, what would the title be?

We pulled out these cards at the dinner table the other night and this was one of the questions that we pulled out. My title would be ...

Is It Time?

My life is always about waiting and wondering when it will be time for ...

  • marriage
  • children
  • being noticed
  • finding friends
  • changing jobs/careers
  • getting to places on time
  • people to finish/start something
  • people to come/go
  • moving on
  • Jesus to return
There always seems to be a wait for everything.

What would be the title of your book?

Monday, 17 October 2016

Get Talking - Style

We are talking style this week.
And the question is ...

Who is your style icon?

Can't say that I have one.

When it comes to clothes, I buy things that are comfortable and modest. I don't go for the latest fashion and if I don't find something one year, I will look again the next and make do with what I have (I'm pretty good at mending and getting better at altering clothes).

Furniture and home - well I'm pretty much maxed out, space wise, at the moment. I could really do with another bookshelf (or two), but there is just no more space in my room to put it. And I would love to replace my desk (I've always wanted a roll-top desk). I have all different styles, although I'm currently in a bit of a white furniture phase (except that dust shows up a lot and I hate dusting). If I am buying, I look around for something I like, regardless of the current trends (I do like Ikea ... hmm ... must plan a trip there, even if just for a look).

When you boil it down, I guess you could say I'm my own style icon!!

Monday, 10 October 2016

Get Talking - Deserted Island

What's the classic question that always pops up at some stage?
Yes, you guessed it, and here it is for this week.

What five things would you take with you if you were stranded on a desert island?

  • My Bible
  • A water bottle
  • A lightweight, large scarf (can be a hat, shade or blanket)
  • Comfortable shoes
  • A friend

Monday, 3 October 2016

Get Talking - Taste of Summer

So we have just started spring and already many people are already looking forward to summer. Not me, well except for the fact that it will make me an Auntie, summer holidays, Christmas and my birthday. I struggle with hot days and sad memories of people who are no longer with us.

Anyway ... this is meant to be a lighthearted post.

What's your favourite ice-cream flavour?

I love peppermint choc-chip.

It's so refreshing.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

2016 Reading Challenges - Update 5

Hi Everyone! How are you going with your challenges?

I'm pleased to announce that I have already completed one of mine!
Actually I finished it a couple of weeks ago.

So here we are!
The last book was for:
Contains one of your favourite things in the title - Eight Cousins by Louisa May Alcott

I had thought about something with butterflies or lighthouses, but I had read the ones I had within the last year and didn't want to read them again, so I went with this oldie, but goodie.
I've probably read it 5 times, but it's such a good story.

No more updates with the other challenges for now. It will probably be December before I finish the Alphabet Challenge and I'm still working on the last of the Anne of Green Gables Challenge. Which reminds me, I need to start the next book that I'm reading for that. Which book will it be ...?

Monday, 26 September 2016

Get Talking - Proud

What are you proud of?

I'm proud of my sisters.
They have had some health issues in recent years but keep on going. Not complaining, just getting on with life as best they can.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Get Talking - Perfect Day

What would a perfect day look like for you?

Ah ... a perfect day ...

  • Walking and just sitting on the beach
  • A sketch book and pencil
  • A book to read
  • Someone to walk and sit with me
  • Leisurely lunch at a cafe
  • Antique shops (Op shops would be ok too)
  • Dinner out somewhere

Monday, 12 September 2016

Get Talking - First Time Around

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Hmm ... interesting! Just after I turned 30 I started to keep a list of things that I did for the first time. It was fun to keep and had some wacky things on it. I still have the list somewhere! These days, every so often, I will do something and realise that I had never done it before.

I really can't think of anything recently. So I've hunted the list of things I did for the first time since I was 30, so that you can have a laugh!

  • Bought a brand new dress (not one from an Op Shop)
  • Jumped on a Bouncy Castle
  • Gone to Kinder (I was working there, but I never went as a child)
  • Bought 3 pairs of shoes at once
  • Eaten waffles
  • Had a Humpty Dumpty Egg for Easter (you know the ones with Smarties inside)
  • Attended an International Sporting Event (Champions Trophy for Hockey)
  • Eaten duck
  • Watched the same TV series in it's entirety twice in one year (The West Wing)
  • Had my face painted (by a 5 year old!!) 
How about you? Anything on your list?

Monday, 5 September 2016

Get Talking - Learning Doesn't Stop

I know I haven't done these for a few weeks. I just didn't feel like doing it. But I'm going to try to do a few while I do this one and schedule them so that you don't miss out on the fun. We all go through seasons of things, and some times of the year are harder than others. This is one of my hard times.
Learning doesn't stop just because we finish school and university. There is learning that happens everyday whether we realise it or not.

What's something you learnt this week?

I have learned that mental strain can manifest itself physically, There was a  particularly hard decision to make at work that could result in some serious consequences for somebody else. The stress of the decision and the questioning whether or not I made the right decision has resulted in physical illness for me. Maybe I would have got sick anyway, I don't know, but the timing is significant.

This was on top of what is always, for me, a difficult time of the year as I remember loved ones who I have lost. There are some weeks where you just wish you could go to sleep and wake up when they are over - this past week is one of those for me.

Sorry for the downer week. I hope things were better for you.